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Stephanie Finer is a Board Certified Assistant Behavior Analyst (BCaBA) and an Infant Toddler Developmental Specialist (ITDS).  She has worked exclusively with the birth-5 population since 2007; however, she has over 20 years experience working with children & adults on the Autism Spectrum.

Welcome to Playful Beginnings! 

We wanted to take this opportunity to introduce ourselves…

Together, we manage a team of over 100 ITDS, BCBA/BCaBA, SLP, OT & PT providers and have worked with hundreds of families over the years!

We are dedicated to making this a space that you can come to find easy to use, effective, research based resources for Early Intervention providers.  

Elizabeth Burns is an Infant Toddler Developmental Specialist (ITDS) with 14 years experience with the birth-3 population in both eduction & coaching programs.  She is the owner of a large early intervention agency in the state of Florida. 


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